Protect yourself from uncomfortable situations. Bounce Protection makes sure your transactions clear (even if you overspend).

  • Avoid additional charges for returned transactions
  • Protect your credit history from checks or other payments being returned
  • $500 limit to cover overdrafts
  • Under this service, Fahey Bank may approve overdrafts created by:
    • Check
    • Teller withdrawal
    • Automatic or other electronic transactions
    • Recurring debit card transactions
  • $33 Overdraft Item Fee may be charged for each item covered
  • ATM transfers and withdrawals and everyday debit card purchases may also be covered upon request (subject to the Overdraft Item Fee charged for each item)

ATM & Daily Debit Card Coverage

To opt in for overdraft coverage at the ATM and for everyday debit card transactions, just return the opt-in form, call 740.382.8231, or stop by one of our branches.