Fahey Bank. We’re invested in our clients. Just like we always have been, since 1865.

The Fahey Bank was founded in 1865, the year the Civil War ended, by Timothy Fahey. He had a general store and added a bank, by painting “The Bank of Ireland” on the wall safe in the store.

Tim Fahey built his bank by investing in all who were striving for better.  He invested in the farmers in the area by letting them wait until harvest time to pay for the goods from his store.  When they came in after harvest to pay him back, they often left their extra funds on deposit with his bank.

Fahey also saw value in the immigrants that lived in the labor camp outside of town, who came to America to strive for a better life for the lives that would follow beyond their own.  And Fahey believed in the entrepreneurs popping up out of Edward Huber’s companies, who strove for better technology that would make the Panama Canal possible, the announcement to the world that the American Century had been launched (and who would later provide technology to launch another American on his long journey to take “one giant leap for mankind.”)

Today, more than a century and a half later, Fahey Bank continues to serve those who strive for better.  Fahey FastPay delivers your pay up to two days sooner than at other banks.  Our mobile app is like a full service branch wherever you are, with automatic savings, customized alerts, mobile deposit, and so much more.  Fahey eSign lets you sign documents wherever you are and whenever is best for you, 24/7/365, not like other banks that make you go to their branch during their "banker's hours."

We also designed our business lending to meet the needs of innovators and small business owners who are striving for better in ways that do not fall within the cookie cutter plans of mega-banks. 100% of our business lending is to small businesses that create the jobs in America.

In 1865 Tim Fahey’s bank started investing in all those who strove for better.  We still do.