IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The content of this website is informational only. Accounts are subject to approval. The terms of the accounts, including any fees or features, may change. See the agreements for deposit accounts and additional bank services, and schedules of rates and fees for the applicable terms and conditions.

1 - If account holder is below age 18, account must be joint with a parent or guardian.

2 - You may receive a direct deposit up to two days early with FastPay if you have a deposit account with Fahey Bank and receive a qualifying direct deposit. Timing depends on when the payor submits the payment file, which may not be the same each payment period. We retain the discretion to identify which deposits qualify for FastPay and to apply fraud measures. We cannot guarantee that you will always receive payment before the schedule payment date.

3 - Qualified number of debit card swipes will result in a refund for foreign ATM use . Refund will be given at the end of each statement cycle, not immediately.

4 - We will decline or return a transaction when the available balance in your account is not enough to cover the charge. You could still end up with a negative balance if, for example, a transaction is approved for one amount, but the actual charge is more (like when you add a tip after the transaction was already approved). Even if you have a negative balance, we will not charge you an overdraft free.

5 - Choice of alerts set by account holder. There is no charge from Fahey, but message and data rates may apply. Alerts may be delayed by service outages, phone or internet providers, or other reasons. Balances may not reflect pending transactions including recent debit card transactions or checks.